Cocoa Nacional Fino de Aroma

We are exporters of Ecuadorian National Cocoa, recognized as the best aroma cocoa in the world.

Single Origin cocoa beans

These are our export products, coming from the main cocoa growing cities in Ecuador.

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  • Single origin
  • Nacional variety
  • Light fragrance of flowers
  • Fruit notes
logo manabi


  • Single origin
  • Nacional variety
  • Strong flavor of almond and nuts, in occasions to fresh fruits
  • Good body
logo los rios

Los Ríos

  • Single origin
  • Nacional variety
  • Strong floral profile
  • Notes of roses, jasmine and citrus
  • Intense body
logo esmeraldas


  • Single origin
  • Wild cacao from mache chindul reserve
  • Nacional variety
  • Good balance of aromas and flavors of red fruits
  • Strong dry fruits sensations
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CAOBIO… our OWN standard created to promote a sustainable future

By implementing this certification the company commits to carry out specific actions to promote sustainable agriculture and viable conservation of resources

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  • Prevent deforestation
  • Reforesting the areas where crops are planted
  • 100% traceability
  • Work with children in favor of future agricultural communities
  • Be inclusive of women in production chains, empowering and creating linked business opportunities for rural men
  • Generate the least impact of waste, promote recycling
  • Field schools for university students, through mutual cooperation agreements to promote learning
  • Contribute to agricultural research and development
  • Preserve natural resources such as air, water and fossil resources, thus ensuring the health of farmers and consumers
Biocacao’s certification guarantees that the product has complied with a three-pillar action plan related to the objectives of sustainable development, which are:

Social, Economic and Environmental

This allows for an optimal working environment for farmers, promoting synergy between the consumer and the producer in an equitable manner.

Socially responsible with the community

We are a socially responsible company, with fair practices of free discrimination. Our philosophy is linked to inclusion and contribution to the community.

Women in the field and professional development is an important aspect for Biocacao, as well as the creation of opportunities for new professionals, for this reason we have signed an agreement for interships and research with the Technical University of Quevedo.

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Cocoa from Ecuador

The best Fine Aroma Cocoa

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Our strict quality control

From the moment we receive the cocoa from the farmers, a delicate fermentation process begins to give the cocoa a strong aroma. We then proceed to dry the grain until we obtain export cocoa.

Active Members

We are active members of FCIA (Fine Chocolate Industry Association), an entity dedicated to elevating the art and business of fine flavor cocoa and chocolate.

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Our providers of Cocoa Fino de Aroma


We are located at Avenida La Guayas y 38 Ardes Olivo, Manzana 5 S7.
El Empalme, provincia del Guayas (Ecuador).

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Avenida La Guayas y 38 Ardes Olivo
Manzana 5 S7
El Empalme, provincia del Guayas (Ecuador)