An emblematic product of Ecuador

Fine, aroma cocoa has distinctive aroma and flavor characteristics sought by chocolate makers. It represents only 5% of world cocoa production. Ecuador, due to its geographical conditions and its richness in biological resources, is the producer par excellence of fine and aromatic Arriba Cacao (63% of world production) from the National variety whose flavor has been recognized for centuries in the international market. This type of grain is used in all refined chocolates.

However, many do not know that fine chocolate is distinguished by its purity, specifically, the flavor and fragrance that cocoa has. This is the type of cocoa that Anecacao promotes. Ecuador is positioned as the most competitive country in Latin America in this field, followed by Venezuela, Panama and Mexico, which are countries that have little by little increased their participation in the world market for fine cocoa beans.

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Cacao “Arriba” Fino de Aroma

The origin of the name Cacao “Arriba” Fino de Aroma was given by the Swiss who were waiting for the boats with loads of cacao that came down the river.

They always asked for a variety that they considered had the best aroma. When they asked the locals they told them: that is the one from above, that is, the one from upstream. This is how the Swiss tasters identified it and called it “Cacao Arriba”.

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Active Members

We are active members of FCIA (Fine Chocolate Industry Association), an entity dedicated to elevating the art and business of fine flavor cocoa and chocolate.

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